May Travel Deals from Trondheim

It’s May! The month that seems to have all the holidays in Norway. If you don’t travel this month, you won’t be seeing many public holidays until Christmas….eeek.

If you feel like you are a bit late on the holiday planning, let me suggest some last minute deals for couples on a budget. I calculated these deals based on airfare from Momondo and hotels from You can check the latest prices when you are ready to book. I specifically checked only for 2 persons since I don’t have any kids.


paris 2

Who doesn’t want to see spring in Paris? If you haven’t visited already, you could this may for less under 700 Euros! Here’s how:

Paris May 17 to May 21 – 5 Days
Round trip flight (flight time 5 hrs or less) € 367
Hotel 4 nights € 300
Grand Total € 667.00


Barcelona 2

This was by far the cheapest international deal that I could find and its four nights in Barcelona! Howz dat! Check it out:

Barcelona 13 May to 17 May – 5 days
Round Trip Non stop € 279
Hotel 4 nights € 263
Grand Total € 542


oslo bergen

You have probably heard of the famous Bergen to Oslo rail line that boasts to be the one of the most scenic in the world. This is the cheapest itinerary I could make for this trip. It would involve flying to Bergen from Trondheim. Spending a night in Bergen and then taking the train from Bergen to Oslo the next day. You can spend a couple of nights in Oslo for sightseeing before flying back to Trondheim.

Trondheim to Bergen Flight 25-May 154
Bergen Hotel Stay 1 night 130
Bergen to Oslo train ride 26-May 100
Oslo Hotel Stay 2 night 187
Oslo to Trondheim Flight 28-May 121
Grand Total € 692.00

That’s it for now folks. I hope these prices are still valid. Fingers crossed for an epic May vacation!


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