5 Tips to Save Money on Bus

Public transportation in Norway is expensive….but so is everything else. Here are my 5 tips to save money if you plan on taking the bus in Trondheim.

  1. Download the ATB app on your phone. The app has single tickets as well as period tickets.
  2. Once you have the ATB app, don’t buy tickets directly through your credit card. If you select the “pay by phone” option, which also charges your credit card eventually, you save 20% on single fare tickets. No extra discount on period tickets though.
  3. Single fare tickets are valid for 1.5 hours. If you plan your trip carefully…say a quick run to the grocery store…you might be able to complete a roundtrip with one single ticket.
  4. There are a variety of options for period tickets. 24 hours, 72 hours, 1 month. Choose whatever meets your needs. Period tickets are a better bargain than single tickets if you plan on riding the bus frequently.
  5. If you are a daily commuter and will be in Trondheim for a while, invest in an ATB card. The bus card is available at ATB outlets. I believe there is one on Prinsens gate but you can check the locations online (ATB.no). At the ATB outlet you can purchase a 3-month pass which is by far the best bargain. It’s not available on the app so you need to have a bus card for that one.

Ride away folks 🙂


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