May Travel Deals from Trondheim

It’s May! The month that seems to have all the holidays in Norway. If you don’t travel this month, you won’t be seeing many public holidays until Christmas….eeek. If you feel like you are a bit late on the holiday planning, let me suggest some last minute deals for couples on a budget. I calculated […]

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Alternative to Groupon

I did not know how much I relied on Groupon until I had to buy a massage voucher for a friend as a present. In the US, I would instinctively turn to Groupon to find a deal on spa services but what to do in Norway? After a whole day of web searching and redditing for […]

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Welcome to Trondheim!

Velkommen to Trondheim! My husband and I recently moved to Trondheim from Finland. I am mesmerised by the city’s beauty every day. Tag along with me as I discover what Trondheim has to offer for work, fun and family.

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Learning Norsk

If you plan on staying in Norway for a while, it’s best to learn norsk. You can get away with speaking English in Trondheim but you won’t experience a true connection with Norwegians without learning their language. Learning norsk is also a requirement for the Norwegian permanent residency and it’s a prerequisite for most jobs. It’s better to learn the language sooner rather than later.

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